Help inspire our youth to serve and protect the future of our all-volunteer force.

Partnerships between communities and U.S. Army Recruiting Command are vital elements to bridging the gap between the American public and the military. About 50 percent of today's youth admit they know little to nothing about the military - you can help us change this statistic by educating youth and their influencers about the career, education and leadership opportunities the Army offers.

"It takes a community to recruit for your United States Army. Our recruiters can't do it alone. I know that not everyone will choose to serve, however, they deserve a chance to understand the benefits of service. We need your help to ensure the qualified youth of today understand the opportunities available for a career, education and leadership roles the Army provides today."

- Maj. Gen. Kevin Vereen
USAREC Commanding General

Your personal story - either as a veteran or as someone who has seen the positive impact of service in another way - can send a very powerful message to members of your community and it could do a great deal for the future of your Army.