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Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Colonel David Snow and I am the Director of Recruiting and Incentives for US Army Cadet Command. I would like to start by thanking you for all of the assistance you have provided over the past years assisting your students who were competing for Army ROTC scholarships. Our 2022 National High School Scholarship campaign kicked off on June 12th and will continue through March 4, 2022. I am reaching out to again ask for your assistance in informing students that Army ROTC scholarships are available and they should begin their applications now.
Army ROTC provides full tuition and fees (or $10K for room and board) scholarships to over 2000 high school students each year. We intend to continue to sustain that same level of commitment into 2022. In addition to the tuition and fees, the scholarship pays $1200 annually for books and a stipend of $420 per months (for up to 10 months a year.)

I have provided links to several resources that you can use to assist in counseling your students. One is the Army ROTC overview. It explains, in general terms, the basic eligibility and benefits for the program. The other two items are a resource that you can use to assist the students in preparing for college and taking the ACT/SAT. These tools provide a great way for students to use their spare time to improve test scores. All are easily downloaded by clicking the links below.
Army ROTC Information
March 2 Success Program
Again, thank you for all the assistance you have provided us over the past several years. If you have specific questions, feel free to email us and we will get back with you quickly.
David C. Snow
COL, Aviation
Director, Recruiting Marketing and Incentives Division
US Army Cadet Command
Department of the Army · Army Enterprise Marketing Office
11 W Qui​ncy Ct, Suite​ 310, Chic​ago, IL 60604

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